Beta O Fitness – beta oxidation :


Simply put: Fats are used for energy production as free fatty acids in a process called beta oxidation.

Working out in classes of 3-5 clients, we implement the best science proven technique to help you burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. Our program prepares you for real life—keeping up with your kids, working in the yard, or a weekend OCR. This is truly functional fitness.

How It Works

The circuit of exercises resembles activities you make every day. You’ll be moving in every direction, combining moves like lunges and presses to involve the whole body and lifting loads that produce growth. You can do this program as long as you want—no matter your level.

Combine this with our health coach who motivates you to cultivate positive health choices. Our coach understands real life and how your situation is unique. Throughout the process, you’ll be educated and given support to achieve your health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.



Option 1: Monthly billing

Option 2: 1 year paid in full

Option 3: daily drop in rate $25.00 class.