At Beta O Fitness, you’ll lose weight. A lot of it!

With a personal trainer and nutritionist combined into one price, one program, how can you not?

Whether you have 5, 10, or 20 lbs to lose, we’ll give you the tools to succeed. We’ve helped one client lose 50lbs and another client 90lbs. It’s not all about weight lose either.

From injury rehab to conditioning, our program is designed to get fit and stronger than before. Since starting our program, more than a handful of clients have gone and finished mud runs, 5ks, as well as placing 4th on the World Stage of professional figure body building!

Our staff has a complete understanding of exercise science that we use only the best principles to develop an exercise program capable of burning of upwards of 800+ calories in 45 minutes!

So if you ready to lose weight and get in shape again, why not choose the best?