Small Group Personal Training with Us

At Beta O Fitness, you'll lose weight. A lot of it! With a group personal trainer and nutritionist combined into one price, one program, how can you not?

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Real results at an affordable rate

Because you split the price in a group, you REALLY can have your own personal trainer!

Real food. Real Advice. Really.

All of our members get access to 1-on-1 personal nutritional coaching. With the proper nutrition, you'll lose weight safely, effectively, and permanently.

Realistic lifestyle.

As parents, we know that sometimes, you just want a little 'me' time. That is why we have a drop-in kid's room. It's filled with kid-friendly toys,, books, and building blocks for them to keep busy while you workout.


Like what you see? Our clients couldn't agree more. Here's what a few others had to say about Beta O Fitness.