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Everyone starts at Point A. And everyone wants to end at Point B. We'll be the catalyst to get you there - fast, safe, and effectively.


We'll hold you accountable, provide assistance, and evaluate your form every time. Who doesn't want one?


You'll begin to establish a regular routine that fits your schedule. Oh and did we mention you'll be making friends with the same mind-set? Bonus!


You start slow. We make you faster. In time, we'll keep changing the exercises as you progress. Our promise to you - we'll keep it challenging, different, and making it fun when your here.

What We Do

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    North Andover CAM – Fitness Video Spotlight

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Small group | Big Impact

Hate getting lost in the crowd? Not here. We know you. Your name. Your dog's name. Your hairdresser's name.

Never stale, always creative

Just when you think you know what's coming up next...BOOM! Burpees off the bench? Well not exactly but you get the point. Our workouts are never stale. Our jokes however... :)

Your time is valuable

Life happens and you need a schedule that fits into your busy life. Schedule online, anytime, and at your convenience. Easy.

Shop Small

We invest in our community. It where we shop, teach, eat, and have fun. Our interests is your fitness goals not the bottom line.

Putting the personal back in training

Muscle-head trainers, you know the ones we're talking about. You won't find us with a clipboard barking orders. And do you really appreciate someone yelling at you? We're all adults. No yelling and selfies please.

Feel good feeling

Our clients, trainers, and studio is radiating with feel good healthy energy. Everyone is here for the same reasons. Feed's off each other's positive mojo and get focused.


  • Beta O. Fitness has helped me get under 200 pounds for the first time in over 10 years! The combination of challenging routines with positive energy and support has helped me accomplish my goals - and set new ones! - Mike N.

  • I have trained at several different training facilities over the last 10 years & Beta O Fitness is hands down the best! The workouts are very challenging, but I absolutely love this place! There is so much variety in the workouts & the intensity. I have never done the same workout twice since I have started. With a clean diet I have been able to drop an average of two pounds a week since I started in June & am close to approaching the 30LB mark. Buntha has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and a great sense of determining the individual abilities of his clients. Buntha’s indescribable workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of humor, and his vigorous drive is inspirational! - Renee J.

  • I tracked down Buntha after hearing that he had started his own fitness center. I knew I needed to get back to working out as running alone was not achieving my fitness or weight goals. I needed the motivation and encouragement of trainers to help me get back on track and to push me beyond my comfort zone. I knew Buntha was exactly the right fit for me. After two full months at Beta O Fitness, I am already feeling better! My stamina is better, I feel stronger, and I can see the improvements in my legs and arms! Anthony is also a fabulous trainer. I really enjoy the environment that includes highly motivated people who are also friendly and welcoming! - Mary H.

  • Beta O Fitness is truly a personalized experience. In December, I herniated a disk in my neck and it was strongly recommended that I have surgery because I was quickly losing innervation to my tricep muscle. I chose to go the conservative route and gave physical therapy combined with exercise a chance. Buntha’s knowledge and expertise as an exercise physiologist allowed me to work out without further injuring my neck. He modified all exercises for me which allowed me to become stronger and after only one month of Beta O and PT, I no longer needed surgery. I am forever grateful to Buntha for this! As he said the first day I worked out with him, “I always say, ‘Give exercise a chance first before surgery.’” He was right! Beta O also ran a Biggest Loser competition starting in February and ending three months later in June. My sister and I joined the program together and it was extremely motivating to have an exercise partner. Buntha taught us mini-lessons about nutrition and exercise with diagrams on a white board in an easy way to understand. He would do this while we were sweating it out on a cardio machine which made the time pass fast. Buntha is also a one man entertainment show so he was always goofing off and making us laugh during our circuits. He pushed us and helped us find it within ourselves to want to succeed. He interviewed us at the beginning of the competition and then sent us the tapes to keep us motivated midway through. I came in second place and lost 23 pounds while working out with Buntha two to three times per week and feel stronger and happier about myself! Buntha encouraged us to identify all the successes throughout the competition- clothes fitting better, going up stairs without getting winded, making better food choices, etc. He is simply awesome and is helping me reach my fitness goals one step at a time. If you want to try a different work-out experience with someone who is invested in you as a whole person, give Beta O fitness a try! You won’t be disappointed! - Patty H.

  • ...Group training at Beta O Fitness ...Working out in the morning sets the tone for my day - I feel better, have higher energy and don't have that guilt feeling all day of trying to fit in a workout.. - Mary H.

  • Buntha - LOVED my first post-op work-out yesterday! The bad news for me: It felt like I was starting from scratch (I'm so weak!)…the GREAT news: I'm one day closer to reclaiming my Buntha Bullets!!! Can't wait for Thursday! - Susan M.

  • Today as I thought about how much I miss exercising, I realized it was Beta-O Fitness and Buntha Kouy who got me to LOVE it in the first place. I never wrote a review while I was at Beta-O, but I had the best experience and miss it daily. Buntha works with the individual person and whatever has held you back will no longer do so. I have had 2 major knee surgeries and though I was always a bit timid and moderately nervous, Buntha assured me if anything was ever too challenging, didn't feel right, or I was unsure, to do what I could and that would be good enough! He always got me to realize even though I may not have done everything that everyone else was doing, I was doing more than I had the day before and that always felt good and positive. I lost weight, inches, and gained confidence during my time at Beta-O. I still have a long way to go and I hope that I will soon be able to reunite with Beta-O and Buntha and continue on my journey to a new, happier, healthier me! Thanks Buntha! I miss you! - Shannon C.

  • I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was dead because I couldn't move my arms or legs! Thanks for the heavy arm & leg days this week! - Tiffany B.

  • I got my first compliment from a stranger this morning, which is so weird because you and I were just taking about random people noticing the changes on Thursday. I guess this means you know why you're talking about and that we should keep at it huh? Haha, see you tomorrow! - Kaylan H.

  • I am down 22lbs and it's all because of the help of Buntha Kouy at Beta O Fitness. He has not only helped me with great (and sometimes painful) workout sessions, but also with my biggest issue of a healthy food lifestyle. I can not thank him enough for all his motivation and support. - Ray D.

  • Beta O Fitness, just when you think that you survived boot camp...... then there is an ab workout. - Melissa K.

  • Buntha, our love/hate relationship might be paying off...I ran a 7:05 minute mile this morning Don't let this success go to your head still have a lot of work to do w/this girl! - Christi R.

  • Last night I lifted things up and put them down. Now I just need someone to lift my legs and put them down....bruised doesn't begin to describe it. - Amy O.

  • This is seriously the best way to start my day! - Tiffany B.

  • Thanks for regularly kicking my butt. - Ravith O.

  • Great workout today Buntha-- two 10's today for me that is a first. Knees a little achy but the body is toast. Thanks! - Cheryl A.

  • Beta O Fitness- a series of strenuous exercises which help convert fats, sugars, and starches into aches, pains, and cramps. - Will S.

  • I strength trained with you 4x this week and I have been eating healthy choices and in 5 days I have lost 8 lbs! What you do truly works and I can't wait to continue and see what I look like in a few months THANK YOU for kicking my butt ** And for anyone who don't know me, I recently had knee surgery.... so if I can do it so can YOU! - Savanna G.

  • I've lost 50+ lbs and am constantly motivated to do more. - Peter S.

  • Promotes hard work and dedication in making yourself a better you through friendly and encouraging hands on training. You will feel the burn, sweat it out and laugh as you shed pounds. I highly recommend Beta O Fitness to anyone you wants something more out of working out or just need motivation to get started. - Raymond D.

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We all need a personal trainer with us during our workouts. They keep us accountable, challenged, and motivated. They'll get you through your workout in 45 minutes. From a full body workout, high intensity cardio, and core workout - you get it all.


  • Miltary, police, and fire personnel rates available


Did you feel it? The orange spark. The light bulb. The little voice inside of you waiting to be heard.There’s a change coming and it begins with you. Starting out? That’s okay. We’ve been there. Seasoned weekend warrior? We’ll throw our best at you (including a 50 lb sand bag). We’ll keep the workouts challenging, changing, and fun.

At betaOfitness, it’s all we do.


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